We are equipped with 8 of the very latest technology Wire Erosion Machines, the largest workpiece capacity being 1050mm x 800mm x 500mm.

Our machines are fitted with anti electrolysis circuits to prevent surface deterioration whilst providing “the best surface finishes” available from the process. This allows us to produce minimal recast layer particularly for Aerospace applications and also for Wire Erosion of Tungsten Carbide and PCD. We can use a variety of different wire diameters to suit all applications the smallest being 0.1mm.

Spark Erosion

We also have 4 EDM machines, 2 Full CNC machines fitted with “C” axis and Tool Change, a Fast Hole Drilling machine capable of drilling holes through hardened steel from 0.3mm to 3mm diameter and a manual EDM for those everyday spark erosion jobs. Our knowledge of EDM is extensive and our experience of the process dates back to the 1970’s.


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