At Lodent Precision we have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of tooling, working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the Automotive and Commercial sectors.

We can take a job through from the research and development of the initial prototype through to final production. Competitive pricing, coupled with assured quality and delivery, maintains our position as one of the UK’s leading toolmakers.

Our Tooling services include:

Progression Tools up to 4M in Length an 1.5M Coil width

Tri Axis Transfer Tooling

Robotic Transfer Tooling

Tandem Dies

Single Operation Tools

Blank Tools

Shear Tools

Prototype Soft Tooling

Class A Panel Tooling

Bright Work Tooling

Deep Draw Tooling

Tool Commissioning & Buyoff

We work with customers throughout the world and our toolmakers travel around the globe commissioning tools to our customers presses once we have completed the internal buyoff in our facilities.

Our staff are experienced in working around customers production schedules and requirements to ensure die tools are producing a 100% quality part before they accept the handover of the finished dies.

Try-out Facilities

We are able to try-out tools up to 3.6m in length by 2.2m wide and feed strip up to 1.5m in width, with a maximum tonnage of 800 tons.


If you would like to get in touch with Lodent Precision Limited either:

Call us on 01543 453700