We provide single and multi-impression tooling for the Automotive, Medical, Electrical and Electronics industries with capacities up to 3 Tonnes high accuracy and high volumes are our forte.

We design and manufacture robust, reliable process capable Tooling backed by an extensive after sales and spares service. We offer a complete design facility for all tooling using the very latest CAD software, as well as offering data transfer, digitising, modelling and reverse engineering. Working closely with our customers we understand the issues involved.

Injection Mould Tooling

Mould tooling is the creation of bespoke moulds that produce the parts in plastic injection moulding.

Typically, these moulds would be constructed from hardened steel due to steel’s strength and hard-wearing properties. The choice of injection mould material depends on the mass production volume. For example, steel moulds are more expensive to construct but they have a longer lifespan which offsets the initial mould tooling costs, therefore, hardened steel moulds are suitable for higher injection moulding production volumes.

Die Casting

Die Casting is the go to option for manufacturing aluminium, zinc and magnesium parts in volume. Our engineering team are highly experienced with the production of die cast parts and assist our clients throughout the entire process. We also offer tool design, drawing and validation services to help prior to production.

We have high pressure die casting machines with locking forces of between XXX and XXX tonnes. All feature computerised real-time shot control, automatic ladling, die-spray, automatic casting extraction and cooling.


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