We operate 8 CNC machines running 24hrs day 5 days a week. Predominantly programmed off line using Lemoine Technologies cad/cam software.

Our machines are capable machining up to 4M in length and 2M in width. Our larger machines are both fitted with multi axis heads to enable the efficient 3+2 CNC machining for the machining of complex angles on components.

We have gain a wealth of knowledge over many years and are experienced in working with a range of materials including High Strength Steel, Aluminium alloys, Tools Steels, Nickel, Titanium, Plastics and Composites.

The maximum load weight of our CNC machine is 12 Tons on the bed supported by 20 Ton overhead crane.

We regularly carry out sub contract machining for many large organisations on both tooling and fabrications for several OEM manufactures.


If you would like to get in touch with Lodent Precision Limited either:

Call us on 01543 453700