Lodent Precision is one of only a very few tool makers in the country who use the World leading inspection system ATOS Triple Scan by GOM to inspect both our tooling and components. The system enables Lodent Precision to accurately inspect the following:

  • Trim Edge
  • Form (colour map as well as measurement data)
  • Thinning
  • Thickening

The other Industrial advantages of using the ATOS system is the ability to scan any object and quickly and efficiently reverse engineer the item and be making a new replacement item within a couple of hours. The Atos system has been developed with its own dedicated software Atos Professional this also comes with a free Atos viewer so when the customer receives the inspection file he can view it in its native data.

This has enabled Lodent Precision to offer one of the quickest responses to our customers’ needs of replacement parts for LCC tools where the cad data supplied with the tool cannot be trusted to be up to date when breakages occur in production.

Lodent Precision also have CNC and manual CMM Machines which can measure up to 2M x 1M X 1M.

Quality Inspection

Our fully equipped inspection facility has 2 Co-Ordinate measuring machines, a large 3 metre by 2 metre CNC machine fitted with a Renishaw PH10T CNC controlled multi axis head. this facility allows us to inspect to CAD and provide full inspection reports.

Our second CMM is also fitted with Axel software capable of producing full inspection reports. These machines are supported by conventional inspection equipment including micrometers, verniers, depth and bore gauges and Shaddowgraphs.

Our Renishaw Cyclone machine offers us the versatility of a CNC measuring machine and also a very accurate Digitizing machine.


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