Our recommended first step is to prove the process of manufacture. We first layout a process for the manufacture of the component (‘A’ Layout) which will show all forming and cutting operations from a flat piece of material to a finished component.

Our in-house designers will then layout the forming surfaces. This will then be sent to one of our preferred third party contractors for simulation and process development. Utilising the very latest industry standards of simulation software to refine and develop the best possible solution for forming to ensure we eliminate issues such as splitting and wrinkling within the component in the process of forming. They will also highlight and feasibility issues within the component design which can then be discussed with the customer to resolve the areas of concern.

Utilising advanced incremental software and the ability to accurately analyse the forming limit diagram, Lodent Precision are able to predict the common defects such as wrinkles, splitting, thinning, thickening and spring back.


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