Die Face Data

After all the problems have been ironed out of the draw process and an acceptable “draw panel” has been produced in the virtual environment, the die face data that was used in the simulation can be exported as CAD (IGES, STL or any other format).

We then take these exported surfaces and clean them up in Solidworks for use in designing a complete tool and creating NC cutter paths.

Forming Forces

One of the available outputs of the simulation is the forces needed to form the part, at each stage of the process.  This information can help you decide on what size press to use.

Tool Wear

Provides tool wear details to allow decisions to be made to regarding grades of tool steel suitable to achieve tool life. Maximising Punch and Die life by adding Surface treatments (Titanium Coating, PVD Coatings etc.)

Based on AutoForm-Incremental simulation results, areas with intensive tool wear are localized. Depending on the planned production volume and the press stroke rate, AutoForm-DieAdviser determines where local steel inserts or a complete steel segmentation is required and which kind of hardening or which coating satisfies the requirements in an optimal way.


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