We offer a complete design facility for Product, Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures. By utilising CAD/CAM technology, we are able to accurately produce extremely intricate and technical designs, with relative ease.

Upon the successful outcome through simulation of the process and customer approval we will commence tool design. This would be either designed in-house by one of our highly experienced designers or placed with one of our preferred sub contract design houses.

The tool will be designed in the most cost-effective manner for the customer with minimum production material utilisation.

Lodent Precision will not skimp on material and the tool will be designed to withstand the day to day pressure of high volume manufacturing. We pride ourselves on the fact that our tools are designed strong enough to take a miss feed in the press and continue to produce quality parts with minimal maintenance and disruption to your production schedule.

Our CAM system creates reliable, accurate tool paths for the machine to follow, and exports these as a machine readable output. This process allows our factory to produce complex 3D parts.

Our experience is extensive in all aspects of manufacture, our technical knowledge is second to none and we offer the complete design facility to our customers.

We design and manufacture robust, reliable process capable products and tooling backed by an extensive after sales and spares service.


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