Lodent Precision Limited is a leading precision engineering manufacturing firm who specialise in the manufacturing of press tools, gravity die cast tools, plastic injection mould tools, CNC machining and wire erosion.

We also offer a responsive service for comprehensive die repair and TPM service with the latest technology in reverse engineering enabling their customers to meet their delivery schedules even when breakdowns occur.

Jeff Bates, the director, is firmly committed to doing all that is reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees and any other person affected by our activities through applying the high standards set out within this policy.

Jeff Bates has overall responsibility for ensuring that Lodent Precision Limited maintains high standards of health and safety. However, we rely on all of our supply chain partners, clients and customers to play their part in implementing our health and safety policy and drawing to our attention, areas in which we can improve.

Jeff Bates is the appointed director to guide our clients, customers and employees on all matters of health and safety. Jeff Bates has reviewed UK Health, Safety, and Environmental Legislation when considering our responsibilities and setting our Health and Safety Policy objectives.

2. Company Responsibilities

We will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all our employees. We will manage our business in such a way that our actions do not pose a risk to our clients, customers, suppliers and end user.

We realise that health and safety is of paramount importance to our customers. The products we supply take in to account the standards of quality required by our customers.

This policy document explains in broad terms what must be done by the director of Lodent Precision Limited when undertaking its business activities. The aim is to provide a sound basis for co-operation between the company, suppliers and buyers and is intended to encourage continuous improvement of our health & safety support.

2.1 Jeff Bates will in particular take all reasonably practicable steps to:

  • Create a safe working environment. This will be achieved through adopting safe systems of work from the supply chain process to the distribution of products and beyond.
  • Provide ongoing information, instruction and mentoring to enable employees to work safely and help protect the safety of others.
  • Throughout our business, we shall undertake risk assessments, implement the identified control measures and ensure communication is exchanged with our partners, clients and end users on health and safety matters.
  • Keep all health and safety records in line with data protection and legislative requirements.
  • Ensure health and safety forms part of the supply chain process from design to delivery.
  • Help develop new skills which will contribute to safe actions and behaviour in the workplace.
  • Ensure that suitable training is provided and the necessary protective equipment is used.
  • Take steps to assess the suitability of our supply chains attention to health and safety compliance.

2.2 We see our supply chain as much more than just our suppliers. Our health and safety performance depends on them. So we make huge efforts to choose the right companies and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

Our supply chains are companies that aim to achieve the highest standards in product quality, whilst always looking for continuous improvement in health and safety matters.

3. Objectives and Commitment

3.1 Our objectives are:

  • Risk reduction, prevention of injury and loss due to damage.
  • Through working with our partners and clients we will identify potential health and safety hazards. We will manage those hazards so that the risks are effectively controlled.
  • Guide our employees to achieve a working safe working environment.
  • Review and develop our health and safety management system continuously. Revise them accordingly when there are changes in legislation and industry practice.
  • Embed a good safety culture within our learning and support network.

3.2 We are committed to consulting with both our employees, supply chain partners and clients on health, safety and welfare issues by ensuring that our systems and performance is continuously measured.

4. Legal Obligations

We recognise the legal obligations placed on us by the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and other statutory legislation as may be applicable to our undertaking. Our health and safety documentation will be made available for our supply chain partners and clients.

Our health and safety records will be kept up to date and reviewed on a regular basis. Should a supply chain partner or client have any questions on any health and safety related matters they must raise it with us as soon as possible.

5. Health & Safety Advisory Service

In order to assist us in our undertaking, we have appointed Marisa Firkins CMIOSH of Safety Forward Ltd to provide competent advice and guidance, which we will duly adhere to.This Health and Safety Policy Statement and the responsibilities and arrangements that support it will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently where there have been significant changes to the company or the nature of the company’s activities.

6. Implementation and Monitoring of the Policy

It is the responsibility of the Jeff Bates to monitor the implementation of this policy and the company’s overall health and safety performance.

This Health and Safety Policy Statement and the responsibilities and arrangements that support it will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently where there have been significant changes to the company or the nature of the company’s activities.


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